Workshop – Unexamined and Unnamed: Reproducing Bias through Culture

What happens when we acknowledge that society didn’t start yesterday and that our histories inform the special blend of exclusion and hegemony that plays out in front of us?  This workshop is an introduction to thinking about how our organisational conventions reproduce racialised, gendered, heteronormative biases through the lens of […]

How will the COVID-19 crisis affect existing gender divides in Europe?

Recently, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) published a report on the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on existing gender divides in Europe. Brussels Binder volunteers Scarlett and Ana (virtually) met with its authors Zsuzsa Blaskó, Eleni Papadimitriou and Anna Rita Manca to discuss the report and their views […]

Help us boost diversity in European policy debates

The Brussels Binder wants to improve what we offer to our women experts, policy event organisers, as well as to the broader community of men and women who care about gender equality. Please share your ideas on how the Brussels Binder can further boost gender diversity in policy debates. These […]

The Brussels Binder Workshop Series

We are co-organising a series of training workshops for women between March and June 2020. Have a look at the programme, and don’t forget to register! !!! Important Update !!! Due to the restrictions surrounding the covid-19 pandemic, we have adjusted the series programme, compared to the one that was […]

Our interview after winning the EESC 2019 Civil Society prize

In December 2019, we were thrilled to win fifth place in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Civil Society Prize. Read our previous article here to learn more about the prize, the other winners, and catch up on the ceremony! Shortly after, one of our wonderful volunteers Juliane was […]

The Brussels Binder has won 2019 EESC Civil Society Prize

As a testimony to the need for The Brussels Binder’s existence and use, as well as a wonderful acknowledgment of all the hard work of our volunteers, we have been awarded the 2019 EESC Civil Society Prize. We are proud to receive this recognition, and humbled to be included in […]

Interview with Corinne Cath-Speth

Corinne Cath-Speth is a doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute. As a cultural anthropologist, Corinne’s research focuses on engineering culture, Internet governance and the management of the Internet’s infrastructure. She also works on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how, as AI proliferates in every aspect of society, […]

Call for Graphic Designers

General Information & Purpose of Tender The Brussels Binder (BB) is a database of women experts and the go-to resource to improve gender balance in policy discussions. Building upon the experience of this women-led initiative, the BBBeyond (BBB) project – a pan-European network of women expert databases, think-tanks and like-minded […]

#BBBeyond Workshop

Over 65 participants representing 16 European countries joined The Brussels Binder team for the 2-day #BBBeyond workshop on the 8-9 July 2019. The purpose of the workshop was to foster a community of European women expert databases, like-minded organisations and think-tanks for the common purpose of building a solution-focused environment […]