#BinderTalkback – Episode 7

A new podcast episode of #BinderTalkback is out! This month we spoke to Corinna Hörst, the first President of The Brussels Binder, about what she sees as challenges and opportunities to achieve a gender-equal future in a COVID-19 world. Check it out!

Call for viEUw board members

What is viEUw?  Visibility Watch EU (viEUw) is a new campaign advocating for better representation in European debates. It does so by actively raising awareness of the lack of diversity in the media or at events in Brussels. The campaign is:  hosted by The Brussels Binder a database of women […]

#BinderTalkback – Episode 6

We have just dropped a new #BinderTalkback episode! In this edition, Scarlett Varga and Ana Mingo talk to Victoria Espinel, CEO and President at BSA (the Software Alliance) and founding sponsor of Girls Who Code. They discuss gender diversity in tech, the relationship between the private sector and government in […]

Call for a Graphic Designer

Background The Brussels Binder is a database of women experts and the go-to resource to improve gender balance in policy discussions. We are working on a new project called Visibility Watch EU (viEUw), which is a research project and campaign that advocates for more diversity in European debates.  It does […]

#BinderTalkback – Episode 5

A brand new #BinderTalkback podcast episode has dropped! Our very own Scarlett Varga and Ana Mingo speak with Stefanie Sword-Williams, the creator of  F*ck Being Humble, an online mentoring platform to empower individuals to be proud of their achievements. In this episode, we discuss: The inspiration about the book “F*ck Being Humble Why […]

The Brussels Binder signs partnership agreement with Landmark Public Affairs

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership with Landmark Public Affairs, an independent international public affairs and strategic communications agency. This marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between both organisations! Together we seek to promote the representation of women and general diversity in policy-making […]

15 Top tips for Effective Feminist Advocacy

In the framework of the BBBeyond project, a grassroot feminist and advocacy professional, Moana Genevey, gave us and partners in Czechia an inspiring training session to help us advocate for more equal and diverse representation. We wanted to share Moana’s top tips to design impactful advocacy strategies. “You can be […]

Interview with Emma, Project Coordinator for Brussels Binder Beyond (BBBeyond)

Brussels Binder Beyond: expectation vs reality – why did you join the initiative and what do you take from this experience? Having been involved in grassroots activism for a few years, I learned that progress on social and human rights issues was only ever going to happen if participation in […]

The Brussels Binder signs a strategic partnership with DIAGEO EU

We are pleased to announce that we have embarked on a strategic partnership with Diageo, industry leader when it comes to gender equality. Diageo is a steadfast advocate in ensuring women are equally represented, involved, and recognised for their contributions to society. By offering 6 months of fully paid parental […]

Google and the Brussels Binder renew and expand collaboration

Google and the Brussels Binder commit to strengthening their collaboration to promote gender inclusivity in the EU bubble including in tech. We are delighted to renew our partnership with Google, one of our oldest supporters. Together, we aim at working on a number of initiatives, including DEI in general, and […]