Interview with Corinne Cath-Speth

Corinne Cath-Speth is a doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute. As a cultural anthropologist, Corinne’s research focuses on engineering culture, Internet governance and the management of the Internet’s infrastructure. She also works on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how, as AI proliferates in every aspect of society, […]

Call for Graphic Designers

General Information & Purpose of Tender The Brussels Binder (BB) is a database of women experts and the go-to resource to improve gender balance in policy discussions. Building upon the experience of this women-led initiative, the BBBeyond (BBB) project – a pan-European network of women expert databases, think-tanks and like-minded […]

#BBBeyond Workshop

Over 65 participants representing 16 European countries joined The Brussels Binder team for the 2-day #BBBeyond workshop on the 8-9 July 2019. The purpose of the workshop was to foster a community of European women expert databases, like-minded organisations and think-tanks for the common purpose of building a solution-focused environment […]

The Brussels Binder is going Beyond!

Studies show that across Europe, media and event organisers are biased against women and the rate of progress towards gender parity has almost ground to a halt. Effective policy only comes from original ideas and equal representation of the diverse population it represents but yet, half of the European population […]

Looking for Database Team Coordinator – Part-time

The Brussels Binder – the go-to resource for improving gender diversity in policy debates – is looking for an entrepreneurial person to oversee its activities related to the online management of the Brussels Binder Expert’s database as well as further technical development of the database.   Job description: Coordinates the […]

1 year, 1000 voices

A few weeks ago, millions of people from all over the world took to the streets for International Women’s Day (IWD). It was a time to celebrate the progress made on women’s rights and to protest that this progress has not achieved enough. Women constitute 43% of the global agricultural […]

Four (plus one) golden rules for public speaking by Elizabeth Van Den Bergh

We all agree that to speak well is an important personal and professional skill to develop. But we might not all agree on the definition of a good speaker. Beware of perfect, yet robotic gestures that are not yours, or speaking in a cadence and melody that do not reflect […]

We celebrated our first birthday

The Brussels Binder celebrated its 1st anniversary on 27th February with over 270 friends and colleagues. Over the last year, we gathered over 1000 remarkable and inspiring female experts on our database and built a solid network of ambassadors, sponsors, and volunteers. Big thanks go to our supporters and friends […]

WECAN are fighting for “gender-proof growth”

WECAN, an organisation of women from the business sector, think tanks and EU-institutions from across Europe, are vigorously campaigning to raise awareness about how it is impossible to progress as society without gender equality. They have put together a pledge focused on three distinct goals. Read more about the pledge below, […]

Our conversation with the Brussels Express

This week we had an opportunity to talk to Rosetti Rivera of Brussels Express. She wanted to get an insight into our philosophy and motivation – what made us want to shake up the Brussels panel-scene? – but also, understand the multifaceted root cause of gender imbalance when it comes to […]