Several research studies on women in the news media show that women are rarely called in as experts. Those who explain and interpret the world are almost always men: in 82% of cases, according to national research by the Global Media Monitoring Project 2015. Yet there are women experts. And they can dust off media language which, by ignoring them, ignores signs of the times and fails to recognise the contribution of women to all the various sectors of society: from politics to science.

The website was conceived and built to grow over time, increasing the number of experts and also the sectors covered. By now there are more than 130 STEM experts, with more than 70 in the Economics and Finance sector created in 2017. At the start of 2019 the databank was extended to the International Politics sector, including 80 new profiles.

The selection of the experts was carried out in collaboration with the Centro Genders of Milan University for the STEMs, with the Bocconi University for the Economics and Finance area and with the Istituto ISPI for International Politics. The selection in all cases was supervised by a Scientific Committee.

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