WoX is a network of women experts, which aims at diversifying foreign and security policy spaces – from conferences to delegations and expert meetings – by connecting women experts to policy makers. If you identify as a woman and are an expert on foreign and security policy, you can create a WoX profile, indicating your name, position/affiliation, years of work experience, language and facilitation skills, thematic and geographic expertise. If you are looking for a women expert in the field of foreign and security to speak at a panel discussion, write a policy brief or facilitate a workshop, you can search WoX for free and without the need to register.

Our database covers all aspects of foreign and security policy – from climate and energy policy to conflict prevention, international law, global health and defence policy (and more).

WoX was launched at the Munich Security Conference in 2020. Until June 2020, around 750 experts have registered from around the world.

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