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Postdoc researcher
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

My main scientific interest is the investigation of planetary atmospheres, in particular of Venus and Mars.

During my career, I gained a strong expertise in the analysis of data from several remote sensing experiments on board the European orbiters Mars Express and Venus Express, as well as from ground-based observations.

I believe that the job of a researcher doesn’t end once the data’s been analyzed. As a researcher and as a woman in science I am convinced of the importance of combining my research activity with that of science outreach. This is why since my PhD studies I have been involved in public engagement and mentoring activities directed to different target groups both in my host country and in Italy.

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

I have an " academic" experience with the media and conference.  As a researcher, I write peer-reviewed article in international journals, I review other articles. I take part at conference where I have a long experience presenting my own research, I am also a convener (eg. European Geophysical Union).

I am also strongly involved in science outreach, so I give science outreach talks, write outreach articles. I was also been interviewed the press.

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