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I am a professional of a mixed background, holding fifteen years of continuous experience in the field of conflict management, regional security and international politics, with a keen focus on post-conflict developments in the former Soviet space and in the Balkans.

I am dedicated to improving women's presence in energy politics and studies, and I am currently engaged in researches dedicated to energy security, and to divided post-conflict societies and unrecognised states in Europe.

Currently, I am a researcher at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, in the framework of the doctoral programme "International Politics and Conflict Resolution", holding a fellowship granted by the Foundation for Science and Technology. I also hold an MA in Politics and Economics in Contemporary Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and a Post-Graduate certificate in Human Rights from the University of Strasbourg.

Between 2008 and 2013, I worked for the European Court of Human Rights of the Council of Europe, following the line of coordinating, since 2004, numerous international projects in South-East Europe, endorsed by the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

Among the academic works, my essay on “Corruption in Ukraine: Challenges and Perspectives” has been awarded by Transparency International in 2014.

English, French, German, Greek, Moldovan, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish


▪"From Politicisation to Securitisation: Fluidity of the energy discourse in Europe"

▪"Perspectives on Conflict and Cooperation: towards a non-material interpretation of the energy dynamics in the Caspian - Black Sea region"

▪"Challenges to peacemaking in the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood: Adaptive strategies in the South Caucasus"

▪"Negotiation and decision-making deficit  in the South Caucasus. Internal options vs. International hesitations"

▪"Physical and ontological (in)securities: why do peace processes fail from the inside?"


▪"(Re)sources for Stability and Cooperation in the Caspian – Black Sea region: the impact of energy dynamics"

▪"Russian Foreign Policy: A Power in Decline? Re-emergence?"

▪"Russian Foreign Policy: The Ukrainian Crisis and the War in Syria"


▪"Energy Dynamics of the Caspian-Black Sea Region"

▪"Peacebuilding and Status Quo in the Unrecognised States of the South Caucasus: internal and external limitations"

▪"The Conflict Cooperation Continuum in the Energy Dynamics of the Caspian - Black Sea Region"

▪"The Caspian-Black Sea region: (in)stability at the EU’s Eastern borders"

▪"The Eastern dimension in EU politics. Energy as a focus"

▪"Energy Security in the Caspian – Black Sea region"


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