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Director of Campaigns
The Dandelion Group
Public Sector & International Organisations, Civil Society (NGO, Think Tanks)
Belgium, Turkey

I have background in International Politics, Peace and Conflict Resolution. But I like to use my two professional “hats”: one as a political facilitator, the other as a creative communicator. In the political context, I have developed policy guidelines on NATO-EU relations, women rights, migration, peace and defence subjects. But at the same time, I am fluent in photography, film production, as well as animation and web design. For one year I worked in SHAPE National Military Representation(NMR). I contributed to the development of strategic communication activities. I drafted specific policy guidelines and wrote my analysis on NATO-EU relations, peace and defence subjects for my superiors. More specifically, I analysed the east and south enlargement processes, EU Common Foreign and Security Policy developments (CFSP),the Permanent Structured Cooperation (focused on capability development and operational readiness) and the instruments of European Defence Agency. I participated in over 400 conference, working group, and committee meeting in the European Parliament. And I produced meeting reports on the above-mentioned subjects. Currently I am a coach. I develop inclusive communication, social campaigns, and collaborative negotiation trainings. I have coached over 50 eurocrats, staff serving in international institutions, and social actors in european civil society.

Azerbaijani, English, French, Turkish