Economic and Social Policy Advisor
International Trade Union Confederation
Civil Society (NGO, Think Tanks)
Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America

Evelyn Astor is an Economic and Social Policy Advisor at the International Trade Union Confederation, a global organization representing over 330 trade unions from 163 countries. Within this post, she provides advisory support to trade unions in their campaigns and advocacy work for minimum living wages, safe and secure working conditions, and access to social protection. She also represents the interests of workers at international level on the topics of social protection and wages, including at the International Labour Organisation, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, UN Commission on the Status of Women, among others. She currently serves on the steering board of the ILO's Flagship Programme for Social Protection Floors and the Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection, as well as on the advisory board for Migration and Transnational Social Protection in Post-crisis Europe (MiTSoPro), a research project financed by the European Research Council.

Prior to joining the ITUC in 2017, she worked for several years at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs, where she contributed to developing several EU initiatives in the areas of social protection and gender equality in the labour market – including the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Work Life Balance Directive.

English, French, Spanish
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