International Communications and Association Management
International Passive House Association
Russia, China, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe

Giorgia Tzar manages the International Passive House Association, communicating with stakeholders worldwide on Passive House principles and policy. She studied at the University of Tübingen and has worked on EU projects, including Train to nZEB and Sinfonia. She speaks at events on policy issues, including COP24 and as a member of the Global Alliance for Building and Construction and Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency for the UNECE.

English, German

COP24, UNECE Joint Task Force on Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings, UNECE Training Seminar "High-performance energy efficiency standards in buildings in the UNECE Region", EU Sustainable Energy Week, Deutsche Energie Agentur (dena) Workshop on Energy Efficient Districts, Passive House Conferences.

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