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EU Public Affairs and Communication Director
European Women Forum asbl
Private Sector, Civil Society (NGO, Think Tanks), Academia

Empowered and inspired EU public affairs policy of European associations bringing them from unknown organizations to respected and influential stakeholders as well as inescapable interlocutor for EU policies on the basis of a forward-looking, clear and consistent communication.

Achieved recognition of organisations and effective impact on European policies through sound scientific evidence and extensive communication campaigns using both digital and non-digital media’s.

Served as a guest speaker at KU Leuven on “the development of the raw material policies in the EU”, master in European economic studies (2018);
Appointed as deputy extraordinary professor at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve for the seminar “democratic innovations and transformations (LSPRI2210),” Master’s Degree (2017-2019);
Drafted a scientific article on biodiversity indicators gypsum qurries with the university of Liège (2015);
Co-promoted master thesis with the University of Liège, “developing a common key performance indicators framework for biodiversity management in gypsum quarries (2013)”.
Career History
EU Affairs & Communication Director | European Women Forum asbl 2018
Secretary General | Eurogypsum aisbl 2005-2018
Senior Environment & Transport Advisor | EuroCommerce aisbl 2002-2005
Senior ICT Advisor & Project Manager | Eurocommerce aisbl 2001-2002
Information Officer & Webmaster | Linklaters & Alliance 1999-2001
General Adviser | Intergraf aisbl 1997-1999
Corporate Secretary | CLT multimedia SA 1996-1997
Corporate Secretary | Fidelity Investments Ltd. 1994-1996
Marketing Officer | Campus aisbl 1986-1993

Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

I have spoken in several conferences as listed below:

May 2014: presentation of the GtoG project to the European Commission-renaturation of cities

June 2014: presentation on C&D waste management opportunities at Green week conference on circular economy

June 2016: European Commission Life Platform: presentation of the results of the project

June 2017: DDR (demolition, decontamination, recycling) conference in brussels

June 2017: presentation of the GtoG project to the HISER international conference

March 2017: speaker on  Developing a common framework of indicators for biodiversity-PIMBIS Portugal

October 2016:Presentation of the European Network for sustainable mining and Quarrying to the workshop organised by the lead and zinc association

December 2016: Presentation of the European Network for sustainable mining and Quarrying to the plenary conference of the Raw Material Week

November 2017 Presentation of best practices on biodiversity at the Raw material week-biodiversity conference

April 2018: Symposium on availability of raw materials from secondary resources: a key aspect of circular economy-UNECE Geneva

April 2018: presentation of the ENSQM to a workshop in Sveilia organised by the regional authorities of Seville and Cominroc.

Have given an interview on circular economy and one on the transformation of the European Women Forum into a think Tank

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