Project Officer on Euroepan Defence Research
European Defence Agency (EDA)
Public Sector & International Organisations
Spain, Western Europe, Europe

Currently, Project Officer on European Defence Research, and previously Materials & Structures Technologies/CapTech Moderator, both in the European Synergies and Innovation Directorate, at the European Defence Agency. Supporting the development of a comprehensive R&T Planning process, via horizon scanning and technology foresight, technology assessment focus on critical defence technologies, and technology prioritization based on strategic research agendas.

From 2004 to 2013, technical assistance to the Spanish Ministry of Defence within the Technology Watch and Foresight System, in charge of the knowledge management, including the development, implementation and management of technology watch, evaluation and foresight activities, editor of the Defence Technology Watch Bulletin and coordinator of technology dissemination workshops and symposiums. Participation in technology long term defence planning and the Defence Technology and Innovation Strategy 2010 of the Ministry of Defence.

In the same period, national representative in international fora on disruptive, emerging and future technologies, and as consultant on R&D activities for industry: NATO Research & Technology Organization RTO-SAS Panel member and expert on the impact of potentially disruptive technologies based on scenario analysis, EDA Deputy Representative in the JIP on ICET (Innovative Concepts and Emerging Technologies) and LoI 6/FA EDIR: “DTG Disruptive Technology Group” chairwoman.

Led participation of Isdefe in FP7-2010-SEC in security foresight projects ETCETERA "Evaluation of critical and emerging technologies for the elaboration of a security research agenda" and FOCUS "Foresight Security Scenarios: Mapping Research to a Comprehensive Approach to Exogenous EU Roles".

PhD on-going in Business Economics (R&D public investment in Defence); MBA in Security and Defence; post-graduate courses on Business Economics and Photonics Technology; M.Sc. in Physics, Optics and Matter Structure.

English, French, Spanish

Organizer, presenter and speaker in different fora related to advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and R&D/R&T management in defence.

  • Organizer and chair of meetings for the Spanish MoD on disruptive technologies, and EDA Joint Investment Programme on Innovative Concepts and Emerging Technologies.
  • Organizer, chair and/or speaker of meetings for the European Defence Agency:
    • Additive Manufacturing Exhibition
    • Info Day Preparatory Action on Defence Research
    • Technical workshops and seminars on metamaterials, graphene, additive manufaturing, materials in hostile environments, smart materials and textiles
  • Invited Speaker in:
    • Armasuisse DefTech - Defence Future Horizons 2017
    • NanoSDConf 2017
    • IQPC Additive Manufacturing in Defence, security and space conference 2016 and 2017
    • Advance course Advanced Nanomaterials Fibrenamix 2016
    • EDA Conference on Dual-use 2013
    • NATO Disruptive Technologies workshop 2012
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