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Senior Manager, Cybersecurity and Privacy Policy , Governmental Relation
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I have been passionate about science and innovation since a young age, yet I chose to study social sciences, including Sociology and Philosophy, in order to better understand the evolutionary nature of humanity and social behavior patterns. My love of maths helped me tremendously with statistics and business! After a thesis on the restructuring of the aerospace industry and the transatlantic relationship, I naturally opted to join an innovative French ICT integrator to learn about industrial policy and how EU industry dialogue shapes our economy. I had a fascinating time working on the promotion of embedded systems for the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform, and later in setting up and strengthening the European Organisation for Security (EOS), in particular its cybersecurity department.
Over 10 years later, I am still in Brussels, working for Huawei Technologies, China's leading tech company started 30 years ago and with now 180.000 employees globally. The organisation is run as a local company, with both a strong Chinese cultural identity inherited from an ancestral culture and a truly innovative management style.
My goal is now to bridge the culture gap in discussions on cybersecurity and privacy. In our now digital world, building understanding and promoting trust between people will be key in successfully tackling the challenges we face.

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