Senior Director
The Lisbon Council
Civil Society (NGO, Think Tanks)
Belgium, France

As a French, with Polish origins who has been living in Belgium for 10 years, Stéphanie Lepczynski is a convinced European.
She works for a European think tanks specialised in innovation policies (artificial intelligence, blockchain, public sector modernisation, startup and scale-ups, digital single market).
Environmental questions are very close to her heart and she constantly thinks about new ways for our society to redesign mobility in a more sustainable way.
Stéphanie also co-founded a theater company, which proposes theater plays in Dutch performed in French-speaking Walloon schools.
In her free time, Stéphanie is a jazz-funk dancer and an active knitter: she opened an online shop where she sells baby scarfs knitted with yarn recycled from previous projects.

English, French, German, Polish, Spanish
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