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The Brussels Binder is a database of women experts and the go-to resource to improve gender balance in policy discussions. We are working on a new project called Visibility Watch EU (viEUw), which is a research project and campaign that advocates for more diversity in European debates. 

It does so by actively raising awareness of the lack of diversity in EU panels (in the media, on social media, at Brussels events, etc.). To support this advocacy strategy, viEUw conducts research to gather and monitor data in EU panels’ composition - in other words “taking a picture” of what the situation looks like, and assess its evolution over time (every year).

This is a project by The Brussels Binder, in partnership with (and funding from) the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES). It runs (initially) for one year, from June 2021 until June 2022.

You should read the project’s info sheet for more information about EU Panel Watch, the Visibility Watch EU project and its implementation.

The work

This call is for a graphic designer to help us create the Visibility Watch EU project’s brand and identity. The project will communicate almost exclusively online (on a website and social media), but printed products are in the pipeline.

This is an output-based mission, with the initial mission (subject of this call) consisting in creating two outputs:

  1. The project’s logo;
  2. The project’s identity, which shall include an operational and directly usable brand kit (i.e. a graphic charter, including font(s) and any added illustrations or visual elements complementing the logo).

Further work may be commissioned in Spring 2022 to put in layout the project’s public research report, as well as design promotional material for the report’s launch event. This is dependent upon the satisfactory execution of this initial mission and the availability of adequate budget.

This mission should ideally take place throughout December 2021-January 2022, with a project launch scheduled for January 2022.

The indicative budget for this initial mission is 750€ incl. VAT. This does not preclude the submission of lower or higher offers.

The application 

Interested candidates should send an expression of interest with any thoughts or initial ideas, as well as links to previous relevant works and a price offer to the Project Coordinator

The applications will be reviewed by the Project Coordinator and another member of the project’s team.


24 November Launch of the call

2 December Deadline to receive applications

Week of 6 December Phone or Visio call with shortlisted candidate(s)

By 10 December Selected candidate is informed and invited to accept the offer

Week of 13 December Start of the work on the project

Selection criteria

  • Competitive price offer
  • Quality and relevance of previous works submitted
  • Understanding and affinity with The Brussels Binder’s mission and the Visibility Watch EU project

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