The Brussels Binder is supported by senior decision-makers and Brussels influencers. We are grateful for their help in our efforts to create more diverse panels, bring female experts to the forefront of policy debates and change the face of decision-making in Brussels.


  • The Brussels Binder can make a great contribution at a moment when creative and diverse voices are essential for European and global debates.” Ian Lesser, Vice President, and Executive Director, GMF (Brussels)


  • “A quick glance at the twitter handle @EUPanelWatch where organisers of all-male panels are named and shamed confirms this gloomy state of play.  Thanks to the Brussels Binder initiative to create an online database of female experts, we can tackle this imbalance, ensuring women have their voices heard in policy debates shaping the future of Europe and our society. It is so important that the female pool of talent and expertise is acknowledged and tapped into for the benefit of all, men and women.”  Neena Gill, Member of The European Parliament


  •  “I support the Brussels Binder because promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment is a constant priority in my work and a key driver of change the EU wants to make in the world”.  Neven Mimica, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development


  • “Political opinion today, and the political landscape at large, still remains an old boys club. In conference programs, events and summits, women often appear as a mere afterthought, with a few names featured as a token of political correctness. It is high time to appreciate the importance of women´s expertise for what it is and to transcend the mentality of ¨checking the diversity¨ box.” Ana Palacio, Member of the Consejo de Estado of Spain, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs.


  • “Women are half of the humanity, 60% of the university graduates in Europe and more than 80% of the purchasing decision makers. For this power and talents to be fully used for the sake of a stronger, more innovative economy and a more responsible and sustainable society, women need to be more visible and participate in debates and decisions at the same level as men. The “European Bubble” in Brussels has a duty to involve and listen to women if we want to build a harmonious, courageous, tolerant and inspiring Europe for the rest of the world.” Isabella Lenarduzzi, founder of JUMP “Promoting Gender Equality, Advancing the Economy”



The Brussels Binder partners with leading organisations across the corporate, non-governmental and foundation sectors. Our partners share our vision of achieving gender equality and increasing the quality of debate through greater diversity. They are committed to giving the women of Brussels a voice.

Interested in supporting our cause? Your organisation can become a partner of the Brussels Binder through offering support and resources, as well as giving endorsement and actively using the Binder. If you would like to find out more about what a partnership involves, and how your organisation can be part of our growing movement for greater gender diversity in decision-making, please contact us.

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