Help us boost diversity in European policy debates


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The Brussels Binder wants to improve what we offer to our women experts, policy event organisers, as well as to the broader community of men and women who care about gender equality. Please share your ideas on how the Brussels Binder can further boost gender diversity in policy debates.

These two minute surveys will guide our Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team to make recommendations for the future of the Brussels Binder.

If you would like to join the policy community conversation with a brief interview on your experiences and thoughts, please send an email to Bianca Baumler, who is leading the M&E team. 

We are also talking to other organisations and projects that are monitoring, evaluating and enhancing policy debates all over Europe and beyond.

  • Open Society and Ashoka have shared their methodology to measure the number of women speaking in policy conferences, from scraping on-line data to looking up the gender of first names.
  • The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy database provides a more focused group of female speakers, targeting foreign policy experts.
  • Maggi (Monitoring & Assessing Gender gaps in Events) explained how they monitor over ten gender indicators at big conferences, such as the Council of Europe’s World Forum for Democracy.

At the same time, we are checking the quality of our expert profiles. What is the level of expertise of the Brussels Binder’s speakers? How complete and useful are they for policy event organisers? We are developing lists of event organisers and media to consult and survey.

By the end of July, we will have the results of our evaluation and some next steps for the Brussels Binder to continue to grow.