We have launched The Brussels Binder!


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… and we are officially out there!   The Brussels Binder has been successfully launched – amid inspiring speeches, a packed venue and hopeful visions of equality.   Thank you all for coming and for supporting us. This is just a beginning and we hope that you will continue with us on the path towards establishing a more egalitarian society.   In the meantime, here are some updates:
  • Twitter: during the event, #bxbinder was trending in Belgium and we have passed the 1500 mark, with the number of followers rising every hour. Thank you! Continue spreading the word and stay with us for more good news.
  • Database: no doubt inspired by Isabella Lenarduzzi’s call for action, we marked a surge of new registrations at the website. We are beyond happy to welcome new female experts! Please be mindful to fully create your profile (see the tutorial here). If you already registered and created the profile, but want to add some information or update your position, please see the tutorial here.
  • Reach out to us! Do you have questions, complaints, remarks, best wishes? Would you like to engage with us, help or donate? Do not hesitate to contact us at, or through the social media channels: Twitter & Facebook. We strive to be better day in, day out, and we want to provide the best possible tool for all YOU experts, media officers and event organisers.
  The Brussels Binder team