Movie screening & Networking Night

After a long time all-online, we are beyond excited to host a screening of Nadine van Loon’s documentary Notes from Brussels in Brussels on Monday, 25 April at 18:30.

The movie will be followed by a discussion with the film’s director, as well as some drinks with The Brussels Binder network. This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with our community after two years of online interactions. 

Movie poster

The film shows the human face behind the “Brussels bubble” and interweaves three intimate portraits of women in different phases of their lives: a young French political assistant in the European Parliament, a Polish trade journalist and a German top EU official.

Filmed between 2017 and 2021, the movie explores how time in the Brussels bubble impacts these women’s lives.

As they internalize a European mindset and adapt to the intense work rhythm, we wonder: to what extent can they heed their inner voice calling them to slow down and to not estrange from their roots?

If you are interested in registering for the event, please contact us at Attendance is free of charge, but tickets are limited.