Our conversation with the Brussels Express


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This week we had an opportunity to talk to Rosetti Rivera of Brussels Express. She wanted to get an insight into our philosophy and motivation - what made us want to shake up the Brussels panel-scene? - but also, understand the multifaceted root cause of gender imbalance when it comes to perceiving expertise and inclusion. “'People are not necessarily always aware of the issue, they are just used to all-male panels. It’s not always a matter of discrimination. The issue is that sometimes event organizers tend to think about existing names without looking for new speakers. Even members of the audience don’t always notice there are no women,' [...] If women are not included intentionally, the system will unintentionally exclude them, as Australian human rights commissioner Elizabeth Broderick once said. 'And that’s why it’s very important that we make a new normal, that we change how things are,' says Paola [of the Brussels Binder]." Read the full interview here.