The Brussels Binder and Robert Baker Launch Male Allyship Survey


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Gender equality cannot be achieved by women alone.

Aside from constituting half the world’s population, men hold some 70-80% of executive positions in organisations and are over 60% of people managers. They therefore have considerable power to help build an inclusive culture and empower women in the workplace.

A more gender-equal and inclusive society benefits men, too. Research points to the positive impact involvement in gender equality efforts has on men: as they recognise and liberate themselves from harmful gender stereotypes, they are able to embrace more aspects of emotional intelligence, express themselves more freely and develop a more inclusive leadership style. These changes are good for their career, personal relationships and their wellbeing.

Achieving Impact Together – A Survey on Men’s Engagement

The Brussels Binder recognises the importance of involving men and boys in the quest for a more gender-equal world and has made male allyship a priority in its 2023 strategy. As part of our efforts to develop a dialogue with men on their role as agents of change, last year we partnered with Robert Baker, Founder and CEO of Potentia Talent Consulting, who has extensive experience in the field.

Together, we are launching a survey aimed at engaging men and better understanding:

  • the ways in which they advance the cause of gender equality;
  • the benefits they see from engaging in such efforts;
  • the challenges they face in becoming better allies;

This Is Where You Come In…

We now need your help in spreading the word!

If you are a man interested – or already involved – in gender equality, we invite you to take a few minutes to complete this survey by 14 August 2023. We also ask you to kindly share it with men in your network.

The results will be presented at an interactive event facilitated by Robert Baker in Brussels in September 2023. Keep an eye out for details!