The Brussels Binder is going Beyond!


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Studies show that across Europe, media and event organisers are biased against women and the rate of progress towards gender parity has almost ground to a halt. Effective policy only comes from original ideas and equal representation of the diverse population it represents but yet, half of the European population is currently ill-presented in policy, and more broadly in public debates, because of their gender.

Supported by the European Commission, Brussels Binder Beyond (BBBeyond) builds upon The Brussels Binder initiative. BBBeyond will combat the trend of the underrepresentation of women in public debates by creating a pan-European network of women expert databases and like-minded organisations to help develop practical tools to give women’s voices the platform they deserve.

By fostering an inclusive and solution-focused environment for knowledge transfer and best practice exchange, the BBBeyond will facilitate a series of community building activities that focuses on co-creation and peer-learning for the development of quality control tools and recommendations for diverse and innovative convening.

BBBeyond will also aim to improve the usage of existing websites and create an online repository gathering similar initiatives from across Europe, as well as compile tools and resources for database development.

The Brussels Binder along with its BBBeyond partners Bruegel and The German Marshall Fund of the United States, offers a practical solution to change the imbalance of gender representation while encouraging women to step up and for event organisers to do things differently. 

By doing so, not only do women policy experts receive increased visibility and conference organisers and media have an easy way to improve the diversity of their speakers and panel composition, but policy-making communities also benefit; and therefore, EU citizens gain from new perspectives and fresh analysis. 

For more information on BBBeyond, you can contact the Project Coordinator, Emma Rainey at