The Brussels Binder Publishes Male Allyship Report


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To achieve gender equality, we need men on board.

In summer 2023, the Brussels Binder, in partnership with Robert Baker, conducted a survey to assess how men in our network engage in gender equality, the benefits and challenges they see, and resources they need to become better allies to women. We are now proud to present the findings of this survey in our report “All for One: Engaging Men as Allies”.

The survey reveals men’s multifaceted understanding of what “allyship” entails, sheds light on the ways in which they advance the cause of gender equality, and highlights some of the obstacles to their greater involvement. The report also presents some interesting findings as to how men believe their gender equality efforts benefit their organisations and themselves as leaders.

It concludes with recommendations for how men can become agents of change in their workplace and beyond. This project builds on Robert Baker’s previous work in this field and marks a milestone in the Brussels Binder’s efforts to expand our network of allies and engage more men in the fight for diversity and gender equality.