The Brussels Binder signs a strategic partnership with DIAGEO EU


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We are pleased to announce that we have embarked on a strategic partnership with Diageo, industry leader when it comes to gender equality.

Diageo is a steadfast advocate in ensuring women are equally represented, involved, and recognised for their contributions to society. By offering 6 months of fully paid parental leave to its employees, to having a board made up of 60% women, Diageo is committed to tearing down the barriers impacting women’s participation in its business, supply chains, and communities. With its ambitious target to ensure 50% of its global leadership is female by 2030 (currently at 39%), Diageo continues to strive for more – and is inspiring us to do the same.

Diageo is the top-ranked company for female leadership in this year’s Hampton Alexander Review and ranked 6th in Equileap’s 2021 gender equality report.

Rooted in the conviction that gender equality in all its diversity should be a central part of European policy debates, this partnership will further strengthen our capabilities to promote the representation of women and overall diversity in policy-making and policy discussions in Brussels.

“To truly accelerate gender equality in our communities, public policy and legislation need to reflect the voices, needs, and solutions for women and by women. We are proud to join the Brussels Binder to support each other’s efforts in giving men and women an equal voice in shaping the future of Europe”  -- Lisa Rose, Head of EU Affairs