The Brussels Binder signs partnership agreement with Potentia Talent Consulting Limited


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We are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a partnership agreement with Robert Baker and his organisation, Potentia Talent Consulting Limited.

Robert is a recognised thought leader, speaker, executive coach, mentor and consultant, helping organisations realise the power of a truly diverse workforce. He works with business leaders, helping them overcome organisational challenges to build an inclusive culture and so unleash the full potential of their talent.

Robert has over 40 years’ experience in global HR consulting and led the International Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Practice at Mercer. He is the CEO of his own business, Potentia Talent Consulting, which provides consulting and workshops for companies and trustee boards on diversity, equity and inclusion topics.

Robert is a Board Member of European Women On Boards (EWOB) and the D&I Strategist tasked with providing input to the Board on its long term strategic growth plan, championing EWOB to external stakeholders and supporting the development of EWOB across all aspects of diversity.

Working together in our partnership, Robert and the Brussels Binder will look for ways to jointly promote the representation of women and diversity in policymaking and policy discussions in Brussels through joint initiatives. As part of our agreement, Robert will deliver a series of workshops on diversity, equity and inclusion and will use his extensive network to promote the visibility and impact of the Brussels Binder while encouraging the involvement and support of men in its mission.

“I am excited to be partnering with the Brussels Binder to help accelerate the engagement of men as allies for gender equality. I look forward to doing everything I can to support the Brussels Binder in our shared mission of fighting for a more diverse, inclusive and gender conscious policy environment.” – Robert Baker, CEO of Potentia Talent Consulting Limited