The Brussels Binder Workshop Series

!!! Important Update !!!

Due to the current circumstances surrounding the covid-19 epidemic, the workshops are postponed to later dates (not yet determined). We are also  looking into the possibility of holding some of them online.

We will post new information here and through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and inform already registered participants directly by email. If you have any specific queries, you can get in touch with Augusta at

We are co-organising a series of training workshops for women between March and May 2020. Have a look at the programme, and don’t forget to register!

The exact venues will be confirmed in due time, but we can already tell you the workshops are all taking place in Brussels, in or a stone throw away from the European Quarter

1. Financial planning for women

with Emeka Gabriel Ajogbe, The Spectrum Ifa Group

Take part in a two-hour interactive workshop where you will be taken through the essentials of financial planning for women. Why it is different? Know the importance of being in control of your finances no matter your age or social status. From budgeting and saving to investing and estate planning. What will you take away?

– How to structure your finances in order to reach their financial goals

– Navigate financial jargon on how savings and investments work, and how to make your money work harder

– Understand the importance of planning for your financial future, retirement and estate planning


Timing & Venue: 10 March – 18:00-20:00, Venue TBC

Maximum capacity: 15 people

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2. Life Wheel (work-life balance)

With Nadja EL Fertasi, EQ Coaching & Consulting

Sign up for an innovative and one of a kind workshop with practical exercises, tools and techniques to get in the driver’s seat of your life. Take stock of your Life Wheel and learn how to maximise your emotional intelligence to excel in life with peace of mind. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a higher predictor for success in life than IQ. Therefore you need both. Learn how to master your mind and emotions so you can excel in all areas of your life with peace of mind. The training includes a unique way of goal setting with powerful visualisation techniques.


Timing & Venue: 12 March – 18:00-20:00, Venue TBC

Maximum capacity: 40 people

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3. SPEAK UP: Master Impromptu Speaking

with Emeka Gabriel Ajogbe

Take part in a half-day interactive workshop where you will develop the tools to be able to speak off the cuff on almost any topic at any given time. This workshop is useful to anyone, regardless of your level of public speaking and can be adapted to all aspects of your life.

Cost: 39 Euros per person

Timing & Venue: 13 March – 14:00-18:00, Venue TBC

Maximum capacity: 12 people

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4. Crisis Simulation

With Nadja EL Fertasi, EQ Coaching & Consulting

Simulate your workplace challenges and learn how to leverage your emotional intelligence to navigate office crisis like a pro. During a two-hour workshop, you will learn the foundations of Emotional Intelligence, Unconscious Bias and Values formation. During the crisis simulation part of the workshop, you will learn to step outside of your map of the world through the use personality type designs in form of role plays. At the end of the simulation exercise, you will have greater self-awareness and social-intelligence so to better navigate workplace challenges from a mindset of personal empowerment. The series of crisis simulation scenarios offered aim at building your self-confidence, public speaking skills, navigating office politics, stress management and building professional resilience. 

Cost: 19 Euros per person (5th one free; Free access to on-demand webinars from the Life Can be your fairytale. Just Imagine)

Maximum capacity: 40 people

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– 26 March – 18:00-20:00, Venue TBC – Communication Skills – Public Speaking/Speaking Up in Meetings

– 23 April – 18:00-20:00, Venue TBC – Confidence Building

– 07 May – 18:00-20:00, Venue TBC – Office Politics

– 14 May – 18:00-20:00, Venue TBC – Stress Management

– 28 May – 18:00-20:00, Venue TBC – Professional Resilience

5. Public speaking & Innovative convening

with Elizabeth Van Den Bergh, Montis Public Speaking

Our brains are wired for stories. It is the stories that ultimately convince people. We all like a lively speaker who engages the audience. Elizabeth will show you how to go about storytelling in a professional context. 

Cost: 39 Euros per person

Maximum capacity: 20 max (15 min)

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– 01 April -18:00-20:00, Venue TBC – Rock the room and speak with confidence: Insights, practical tips and exercises to build confidence for speaking in public

– 06 April – 18:00-20:00, Venue TBC – Impactful panel interventions and how to properly moderate: Insights, practical tips and exercises on how to have an impact in panels. And how to be a better moderator who keeps speakers on time and on topic and engages the audience

– 13 May – 18:00-20:00, Venue TBC – Innovative conference organising: What are today’s common formats for events, gatherings and conferences and how can you do better?