The first report of the Visibility Watch EU Project, a campaign advocating for better representation in European debates, is out!


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The aim of the report was to shed light on the current public representation at EU-related events and to challenge these spaces and the corresponding comfort zones that are now a norm in the EU bubble. The questions explored were as follows:

  • Who is speaking at events and being given a chance to frame the public debates about the EU?
  • Are people from marginalised groups seen as experts only on their lived experiences or as experts more broadly?
  • What measures are event organisers taking to make their events more accessible and inclusive?
  • Who is responsible for the decision-making?
  • Who is organising the events?

The report also provides recommendations to organisers, speakers and the public at large for how to address the lack of diversity and overrepresentation of white men.

Thank you to authors Isma Benboulerbah and Safaa Charafi, as well as Pauline Chetail, Moana Genevey, Marika Andersen and all contributors.