Walk The Talk Reports


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As part of the BBBeyond project, The Brussels Binder worked on two reports that evaluate how well European think tanks represent women’s voices.

The Reports

The first report compares gender representation in think tank events from March to May 2019 to the same period in 2020. It determined whether the initial shock of Covid-19 had an impact on women’s participation in events. 

The second report assesses women’s representation in think tank publications in 2020, to determine the gender balance of research outputs. A brief analysis of the Covid-19 pandemic is also included.

The findings reveal a clear under-representation of women, in both events and publications. They also reveal a clear impact (mostly negative) of the pandemic on women representation.

The research series is titled Walk The Talk; the reports therefore include many recommendations for events organisers and research organisations to improve when it comes to representing women as much as men in their core activities.

The Data

We sourced information that was publicly available on 31 think tank websites and asked them to verify the data. Data was collected from 21 national think tanks based in EU member states and 10 European think tanks (mostly based in Brussels) that endorse The Brussels Binder. 

The datasets include: 

  • 1,300 events and 4,200 speakers
  • 2,300 publications and 4,300 authors

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Learn more about BBBeyond, the project that made these reports come to life