Workshop - Unexamined and Unnamed: Reproducing Bias through Culture


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What happens when we acknowledge that society didn’t start yesterday and that our histories inform the special blend of exclusion and hegemony that plays out in front of us? 

This workshop is an introduction to thinking about how our organisational conventions reproduce racialised, gendered, heteronormative biases through the lens of coloniality (Anibal Quijano, 2000). A centuries-long world-making exercise formed the global habits, categories, assumptions, and judgements that we are socialised into, at work and at home. Understanding coloniality as culture helps us see how this reality and mentality shows up in our organisations, which is key to begin to plot out new futures and alternative trajectories. Register to take part in an interactive introductory exchange where we reflect together on our everyday practice in the Baldwin-esque recognition that “we made the world we’re living in and we have to make it over."

Time: Thursday 22 October 2020 • 18h30 CEST

Trainer:  Terri Beswick

Cost: 25 EUR per person (payment details will follow confirmation)

Min. 12, Max. 20 participants.

Please register by email: